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Release Date: July 3, 2019

Original Language    :    English, English
Year    :    July 3, 2019
Genre    :    Comedy, Western
Time    :    01 Hours 06 Minutes
Directors    :    Twila LaBar
Starring    :    Clifford Hardwick, Tommy Mangrem, Carolyn Mangrem
Supporting Actors    :    Suzanne O'Bryan, Don Pfiester, Liz Sibley, Madelaine Gorman King, Theresa Chambers Stolte, Rick Ruiz, Edward Pfiester, Liz Roger, Jim O'Bryan, Sam Pfiester, Al Kauffman, Jody Richardson, Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, PF- OFF Protestor, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter, First Amendment Supporter
Producers    :    Sam Pfiester, Ed Pfiester, Liz Rogers
Studio    :    Buttercup Productions
Subtitles    :    English [CC]

Movie: Blanche2019[B07Y6MK5R8] Blanche is a heartwarming, humorous story about old friendships and new beginnings. A lonely West Texas rancher is rejuvenated when an old compadre masterminds a crazy bet on a chicken named Blanche, proving there are second chances at life and love. This captivating tale was inspired by true events and features a cast of real-life West Texans making their acting debuts.

Rating:   IMDb  / 4.5

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This film, based on a bet placed in the 1950s by two Texans, is EVEN funnier the second time watching. Seasoned film people will be thrown off at first because these are real people making their acting debuts. Thus there is a sweet awkwardness. But if you can comprehend Texas humor you will seriously love this movie. The subject matter is actually the deepest of the deep; but the treatment of it is brilliant. This movie can be a comfort to anyone dealing with reality :) There are a lot of films I love very much; this one has just leaped to the top of queue. I expect to watch this film hundreds of times in my life. I believe it is destined to become a classic. We need more films like this one, to guide us through the difficult emotions of life. There couldn't be a better time for this film to be released. A BIG thank you and HUGE HUGS to these great filmmakers and their adorable cast. Tommy, the lead character, is especially charming and perfectly cast. The judge was tops. Truly I adored each character. Of course, Blanche is the real star (I'm guessing they'll all agree) :)


JC in Texas
The acting is awful which is a shame because this move has a cute story line. It was painful to watch though simply because of the BAD acting.


mailon gillis
Set in Texas with people that are real down to earth folks. I live with folks just like those in the film. I personally know Sam the Screen Writer and Don the Pilot. I even got to touch the Maule Aircraft once upon a time. Having written a few scripts myself and staging a performance with amateur actors, the ones cast by Sam were real people and not the Glib Hollywood types. The underlying grief in the film was well played, I'm going thru such a time myself. Cinematography was good and the West Texas scenary and Marfa/Alpine Townships were what we see everyday. Enjoyed the film and the portrayal of the 1950s Bet was spot on. I had an uncle that bet on things he could do in his Piper Cub Aircraft. An independent film done in two weeks of 12 hour a day filming, I applaud the result. I waited for the DVD and was not disappointed. Recommend you buy it.


It's a really sweet film with a bunch of good chuckles thrown in for flavor.


I really enjoyed this movie. The actors are all novices, but it is more about the story telling by acting it and it feels like you could be in that small town "listening" to the story. Loved the laughs and little words of wisdom. Beautiful cinematography too. Lovely countryside and rolling mountain ranges to see.


West Texas Forever....Amazing movie, fun and very chill....i want buy a dvd not only digital......


Keith Wheelock
Blanche was so bad that my family was laughing mid way through the film. The acting was honest amateur, the dialogue was as predictable as the rising sun, the scenes of Sammy dancing and visiting his wife’s grave were shown about a dozen times, and the conclusion had been signaled long before. There was a sweetness to the entire experience that makes it sappy camp. I am astonished at those reviewers who consider Blanche a movie they wish to re-watch interminably. Of course my family relative was buried in Texas in the 1860s, so I’m not atuned to modern Texas.


I really liked that this was real West Texas Americans. The acting was real but bad. That's o.k. Better than I could do. I wish American would turn back to these simpler days. I never saw a chicken fly more than 15 feet. Pretty funny stuff. I'm only giving it three stars because I'm being honest.

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